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We specialize (since 2005) in the importation, and supply of Front End Loaders, 4X4 Forklifts, Spares as well as the manufacturing (since 2009) of Wuhlf Loaders and various attachments.
During 2013 we decided to start with research, design, development and manufacturing of Mulchers to be used in Africa for the mechanical control of bush encroachment, invasion by alien plant species and deforestation.
This decision was taken based on the following facts:
  • No locally manufactured self driven mulchers available in Africa
  • Very high and prohibitive cost of imported machines which is not adapted to the harsh African environment with no or very little support, maintenance structures and skills.
  • Of South Africa's 122 million hectare (ha) surface area, 71% is mostly used for livestock and game ranching of which an estimated 10million hectare have been infected by Bankrupt bush. This figure does not include Sickle bush, Black Wattle and the 300 plus invasive species in South Africa.

Why Mulching?

Mulching has a magnitude of benefits listed below:
  • Reduces cost by not having secondary operations to dispose of the removed organic matter.
  • Organic matter boosts soil health and built microbial activity.
  • Assists in weed suppression.
  • Helps to prevent erosion.
  • Moisture retention improves.
  • Mulch covering blocks the sun, keeping the soil cool thus protecting the roots of the plants.
  • Reduces fire hazards in plantations.

Mulcher Development.

The first mulchers we designed (ZA 20 Mulchers) were 74 Kw machines with a blade mulcher attached. We then realized that there was a great demand for a drum mulcher and larger machines.


Various parts such as the complete mulcher head, canopy, hydraulic pipes and brackets ect. are manufactured in-house. The chassis, wheels, gearbox, differentials, hydraulic pumps ect. are imported. The machine is assembled in our workshops, inspected and then undergo extensive testing before delivery to the client.
Warranty: 12 months or 1000hrs whichever is first. Extended warranties available at additional cost.

Comparison & Pricing:

All our Mulchers compare excellently with the machines currently used in the bush encroachment, alien plant invasion control, deforestation and forestry industry imported from America and Europe. We sell the machines at much lower prices than comparable imported machines. Our Mulchers offers excellent value for money. We use the same high quality and durable parts such as hydraulic Danfoss pumps and motors as used in the imported machines.

What do you get:

  • Same or (as we believe) better Africa suited quality machine which will effectively work the same or longer lifetime period than comparable imported machines.
  • Saving in maintenance and repair cost.
  • Locally available Spares, Maintenance and Technical skills.
  • Saving in labour cost.
  • 50% or more saving on purchase price compared to some imported machines.
  • No complicated high-tech computer systems - any hydraulic and diesel mechanic can repair/maintain the machine resulting in a dramatic improvement of machine availability (These skills are readily available throughout Africa).